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  1. This is so much weird, my previous account banned for the ID verification, but I provided all the original ID and photo.
  2. that means after one month possibility to get order that gig?
  3. I’m not getting order on my expertise gig, order is coming another gig where my experience level is intermediate. what should I do? How can I get the order on my expertise skill gig? Advance thanks
  4. Difficult Questions. Give good title/description/images and use good tags in your gig.
  5. Happy Birthday… Many Many returns of the day
  6. Are you sure he will receive order message within 30/35 days. No, there’s lot of factor related on this. gig marketing, gig competition and gig description. though I’m also a new seller. I think it can help. thanks
  7. Sometimes it is luck. do gig marketing and try to be active.
  8. I am also facing the same problem. done 2 order, but not getting my gig on search.
  9. Actually I Want to know after message from buyer, if they talk with me and left without buying.
  10. Congratulations, Brother For this Acievement. and you may get more achievements.
  11. I’m facing the same problem, I’m getting the one gig. rest of the gig’s not getting on the search. but gig is active.
  12. Hi, I’m a new seller. Some buyers just come to take information technically. they don’t come to buy. for tha reason, t there’s a possibility of a decrease the conversion ratio. Will it be a hamper to getting a new buyers and order? thanks
  13. As a new seller I try to avoid those buyer who doesn’t have any reviews. Is it good or bad?
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