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  1. Yes it's mandetory. sometimes it comes before publishing gig, sometimes before creating gig.
  2. it takes time, keep patience. reseach gig keyword.
  3. I get very few messages from clients. Is it for covid situation?
  4. Warm Welcome to forum. best of luck for you success. what type of service are you offering?
  5. Great News for fiverr seller. thanks
  6. Is it possible to block a buyer? I want, he won’t be able to order on my gig. Mod Note: Country/region reference removed. *******
  7. Sell your service withing your network with good review. then average rating will be good.
  8. did, they said we can’t tell actual reason why we suspended your account. I have provided all information real and honestly. and it was my first payoneer account. 😟
  9. weird experience with payoneer, suspended my account without any reason.
  10. I think not, I’m also waiting for that. but some category we don’t need English test.
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