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  1. Don’t Fed up. Keep Patience. Share your gig in different social media. Send some buyer request that will help you increase Click. Impression depends on your Gig Keywords/Tags try to use proper tags for your gig catagory.
  2. Keep patience. Try to Give much time on Fiverr and Fiverr Forum. Sometimes it took time to take a order from buyer. Send some buyer request.
  3. Welcome to Fiverr The largest Online marketplace. Wish u all the best 😍
  4. No. You Can’t use both account on Same PC. It’s go against Fiverr TOS. In Future both account will be deleted by Fiverr. But you can delete your previous account and create a new one. That’s Fine.
  5. Welcome to Fiverr The largest online Marketplace. Will u all the best 😍
  6. Its really Sad. Due to COVID-19. All Online Marketplace can’t provide Customer support at a time. 😥
  7. Buyer can share his/her mail or anything on his responsibilities. but you don’t try to share your mail or anything against Fiverr TOS. Be careful. Best of luck.
  8. This has no relevance to getting Buyer Requests. Thanks for sharing. Very Helpful Post.
  9. Fiverr is on of the Biggest Digital Marketplace. Welcome to the Community. Congratulations on your Great Success. Keep it up. ✌️
  10. You Should reload your dashboard or Profile several times within 3.30 mints. Hope its showing you Greenlight.
  11. Welcome to Fiverr Try to push Keywords in title url description Tags based on your service. Share your Gig in different social media and website. Best of luck
  12. If you delete your old Fiverr account.then it will not effect to create a new one.
  13. Welcome to Fiverr. The largest digital Marketplace. Stay with Fiverr. Best of luck 🙂
  14. Fiverr always Boosting new account. If you don’t get orders the old account then delete it and create a new account. Best of luck 🙂
  15. Report to Fiverr against the buyer with proper evidence. Like screenshot. how the buyer threading you.
  16. For Impression use your service related keyword/TAGS. Try to Active in Fiverr and Fiverr Forum. Share your Gig in Different Social Media. Send Buyer Request. Best of luck.
  17. If Buyer Sends you his personal information then there is no problem.
  18. Hi Welcome to Fiverr. Try to active online Send buyer request Share in Gig in different social media and website. Best of luck 👍
  19. Hi What’s about your Gig impression?? Is your Gig active on Fiverr or draft? Check it. You must push keywords in Url/Title/Tags/Description. Try to Active in Fiverr and Fiverr Forum. Send some Buyers request. If it’s not working delete your Gig and Submit a new one. Best of luck 🙂
  20. Welcome to Fiverr Forum Community. Fiverr The largest online Marketplace. I am also new here. Let’s explore together 😊.
  21. Better Delete the Gig and Replace a new one. Don’t use any kind of website links in description. sometimes it caused paused the Gig.
  22. Skill Test just make your profile more professional. But Fiverr issue on some category gig when you need to publish. Try to passed the exam to publish Gig successfully. If needed help contact me.
  23. Impression is just a number. You should count on click on your Gig. If Client Click on your Gig you have chance to get order. try active and share your gig in different social media. Hope clicks and orders increase on your ID. Happy Freelancing
  24. Hi dear Impression is just a number though you have more impression but no clicks. First you need to improve your images . Make it eye catching Edit your Gig . Try to push some important TAGS in depreciation . Share your gig in different Social Media. More importantly try to active 16+hours in fiverr. and Fiverr Forum. hope you will get client click and Orders very soon. Best of Luck
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