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  1. I already passed the English test but this helps, thank you.
  2. It sure gave me a wider insight, thank you.
  3. I created a Gig on writing instagram engagement captions about a week back but my gig only got 10 impressions and 0 clicks in 5 days now. I fear it has to do with the hashtags I used which may not be visible enough. I used Instagram Captions, Instagram Posts, Instagram Content, Instagram Copy and Instagram Marketing as hashtags. I hope I’m not breaking the rules with the post but I really need help with this. What hashtags would you suggest I use to make this gig visible enough, please? Thanks
  4. An order cancellation won’t affect your ratings, but it will affect your order completion rate. If your order completion rate is below 90% (if you cancel this order it’ll be 50% since this is your second order), you won’t be able to move up to Level 1. In your situation, this was not your fault AT ALL. The buyer made a mistake by ordering a service he didn’t need, and now wants to cancel it. I would suggest contacting Fiverr CS and letting them know what happened so that they can cancel the order without it affecting your stats! I hope this helps! Best advice I ever had in Fiverr. Thank you so so so so much. I actually didn’t reply the dispute after reading this. I just copied your comment, reached out to CS through the Resolution Centre, explained what happened and also included your comment as to what I received in the forum as the way forward. Order got cancelled in less than an hour and nothing in my account was affected. To think I still get paid too, according to ToS for order cancellation. Clients really need to understand that a trivial as their mistakes may seem, it affects buyers greatly. I’m so very happy everything got resolved and on time. Thank you again.
  5. Client has not been online since the incident. Didn’t reply to any of my messages to reach out either
  6. I had a very tough start with my first order on Fiverr. The client gave me a 3.7 rating after my delivery. I thought I’d never get an order again until I did which boost my profile rating. So, I came online earlier today and saw I had an active order without any communication from the client. I was baffled and excited at the same time. The client didn’t state what he needed. But before I could reach out, I got a dispute notification that the client wanted to cancel the order because he didn’t need the service anymore. All within 30 minutes. That felt awful because I don’t need anything that’d affect my ratings again. I have to respond to the dispute within the next 2 days but I need to be sure what to expect after that, please. Does order cancellation by the client affect the seller’s ratings? I need to know to understand this to know how to respond. I’ve reached out to the client but the client isn’t online since then. Please, can someone give me the best advice I need to save my profile from being wrecked without me actually doing anything wrong?
  7. Nice. You’re right. What if the next buyer on the next account does same? You’re right. I’ll take my time and rebuild my profile and gigs. Maybe because I wasn’t so experienced but thankfully I have a better idea of how things work now. Thanks a lot
  8. The client’s instruction was that I should work on it strictly as a beta reader and not as a proofreader or editor. He didn’t even want that. It was an 87k worded book. The main focus was on the storyline. It was not his final manuscript. He said I should just read and he sent already outlined 14 survey questions relating to the book which contained spoilers. I was not the only freelancer he hired for the same purpose as he wanted different opinions, which was given. The instruction was very clear and I did exactly as I was told. That’s why I was taken aback.
  9. Very true. I hope the next potential buyer sees beyond ratings. Thanks
  10. Some buyers simply don’t know that anything less than 5* is considered below average on Fiverr. In almost every other situation, a 3.7 out of 5 stars is nothing to be ashamed of. It equals a 7.4/10, when I was in school, I’d kill to get a grade like that for my math test. But due to the crazy 5*-mentality and skewed ratings on Fiverr, it negatively impacts sellers. The only thing you can do is accept it and move on. Thank you. I appreciate this. I guess I’ll just take your advice. It seems the best, for now.
  11. Wow!!! Thanks for this. Gave me a great insight. I wouldn’t want to make any more mistakes. Now I don’t even know what next to do. But thanks. I’ll keep that article very close.
  12. Oh, dear Lord! As hard as it’d be to even get an order at this point? I’d better deactivate and start again. But I’ll wait for the money paid to pass the clearance first or else I loose my money too. Thanks a lot for this insight. Hope Fiverr will not shut down my next account if I deactivate this one first before opening another.
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