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  1. I am in the same situation. However, I can tell that it would be better to take a look on your gig’s descriptions. I think there are many linguistic mistakes and it is difficult to catch your point at once.
  2. What is important to note here that while you ar a person and individual are normal and have no bad intention, and your report is your honest complaint, Fiverr CS only knows that you are purple letter A human under tag “lefterisrontou”. From their perspective you could be: a) honest person who wants justice b) trying to take out the competition c) making YT video about it d) bored in life so why not For this reason if you want your report to be taken seriously and swiftly it is best to leave out emotions from your report. My report is usually like this. This person is using images from here: Logos from here: videos from here: description from here: with links behind each (if applicable). Kind regards. As much as I trust Frank’s knowledge about this “new feature” the only way we will be able to trust that this new feature works are by stripping down the numbers of logo sellers. That is a most infected category and right now if I go there in just one search page I can find half with images from stock sites. image1175×359 16 KBIn last 27 days 10000 new logo gigs, 8000 new sellers. But the actual number is much higher because number goes up by 1000 and then goes down by 300 (new sellers being removed by the CS). I see what you mean and I will try your way, if it will happen again. One question: where do you find this infrormation for fiverr? It is very interesting!
  3. 20-30% of GIGs are fake and frauds. Nobody has time to do that kind of purge. You have to present evidence, links, photo to CS to get him removed. A few days ago I ordered a logo from a new seller and then many problems started (delays, no response to my messages, very low quality and irrelevant to the information I sent to the seller, etc.). The last thing I noticed by accident was that the seller has copied-pasted the samples from a top rated seller. I sent the evidence to CS, my order was cancelled and and i got refunded but the seller still exists with the same profile and samples. So, I am not sure what to conclude about the actions of the CS.
  4. What an enjoying video with so many true facts! Thanks for publishing it! It is very inspiring! 🙂
  5. Hello, you can take a look at the categories and make a research in the categories that you think are more suitable for your skills. 🙂
  6. Hello… welcome to fiverr and i wish you many sales!
  7. I made the last thread to have some feedback, so as to improve my gigs. However, there was no reply. I really appreciate your feedback. I will follow your advices and reconsinder some things. thank you 🙂
  8. Hello, i wanted to ask if you think that paintings and drawings services have any appeal to people that visit fiverr or visitors prefer fiverr for business promotion and marketing at most. I ask this because i want to know what to expect from fiverr about my gigs. thank you
  9. hello i don’t know which is better. However, i wonder if it is negative for a seller to click on a gig and see that there is no order for so long time. They maybe affected by this and prefer to buy from someone else.
  10. I found it too when I started two months ago.i have read that fiver had a problem and there were no analysis for some time. The problem is half fixed and now we can see some of the analytics
  11. Very interesting… i think i have many things to consider… imagination7413 thank you so much!
  12. Thanks for the answer… very helpful! So you mean that you have to think who may be your potential buyer every month or in special occasions. A potential customer profile. It’s difficult… needs something like a gallop.
  13. Thanks for the courage and advice! I have already share my gig on social media and i can understand that it’s need patience. I asked for clicks per month just to know what to expect.
  14. Hello everyone, i am in Fiverr about two months and i have low clicks and no order until now… i have read many tips in forum and i try to follow them. However, i would like to ask if you have noticed important changes in impressions and clicks in different months and seasons. For example, is there a decrease or increase of sells or clicks in August or September? Is Autumn a season that buyes search for gigs? I think a general picture would be helpful. Thanks
  15. hi everyone, 😃 my name is Lefteris, i am from Greece and i am an artist. I have already take a look on the topics and i think they are very helpful. I wish the best for all the sellers on Fiverr and thanks for the tips and the information you share here!!!
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