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  1. I just completed $400. But I didn’t get a level one badge. How many days it will take? can anyone help 😦
  2. How to get rank in first page: you can’t be rank in first page directly to using any keywords. You have to work for it by promoting gig on social media and buyer requests to get more impressions and clicks. when you get more clicks from buyers then you will be rank in top 100. Fiverr logarithm works like if you are doing great they will make you fiverr’s choice. Search for effective keyword: research on different keywords check high sellers gigs to get some idea but do not copy them, always create your own. hope it will help you. Shakir Ajmal
  3. I got an order from the buyer two days ago. The buyer didn’t send me any file to edit he just placed an order and said I’m going out if you need anything leave a message I’ll get back to you as soon as possible. But the buyer did not come back I message him, again and again, he didn’t respond yet. I deliver him a note in the form of an image to stop the countdown on me. What should I do next if he didn’t responded to me after the due date? It will affect my account ratings? Please guys let me know
  4. ANSWER IS A VERY VERY BIG NOOOOO. Tell your cousin to buy a new laptop or login from his phone.
  5. hey! Yes you can promote your gigs to get audience and buyers from social media but in case you have a good follower numbers or you can promote your gigs through Facebook marketing to make an eye catchy video add too look more professional, I know it’s an investment but You’ll get audience in a huge numbers. NOTE: Do not post your gig link as a spam on social media. It will ban you from Fiverr
  6. Hello! you can promote your new gigs through social media but most important is, linked in, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Note: Do not post your gigs link as spam it will cause of banning your account.
  7. Thank you for your advice brother. but how can i promote my gigs?
  8. Brother First you have to Create a effective Gig. There is no gig on your Fiverr account you cannot get orders without posting a gig.
  9. Welcome in this community Bhoomi. I am also a new seller on Fiverr.
  10. Hi Fiverr World! I am Shakir. A new seller on Fiverr. Give me some advice to rank my gigs and how can I get more orders to reach on Level one or Level two. here is my Fiverr account link, please visit my all gigs and account too. Thanks! Shakir.
  11. Never edit your gig title. Because when you post a gig it makes a link of your gig and your first title will be in the link but when you want to change your gig title or keys words and you change it, then only one thing will be the change that is your title and keywords but the link will be the same it will not change and this makes confuse to fiverr.com team and your gig will not rank it will be so down. no clicks, no impressions, not order. 🙂
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