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  1. Facebook Blocked you temporary for link sharing.
  2. Welcome Sinc. Have a Blast in Fiverr. As a New seller If you want to know how to write a perfect buyer req follow this topic
  3. make your gig unique and use effective keyword to go through on search result. Boost your gig by promoting. Send useful buyer req
  4. welcome to fiverr. Hope you have a good journey
  5. if you’re not skill enough don’t work on fiverr. Improve your skill by doing research or taking course.
  6. don’t think that if you making a gig and you will get order. try to make your gig unique as other. Do marketing, be active on Fiverr and send qualityfull buyer request. Soon you get order. Have patience.
  7. be active, send buyer request, do marketing. Soon you get order.
  8. You can use fiverr app to show you active. Very nice and usefull app to track on.
  9. Make your gig eye catchy and more presentable to clients and promote to boost up. Send buyer request by reading carefully buyer requirements and write effective cover letter. Hope it might help you.
  10. Feel bad to hear that. Don’t worry. Move on, work as same you worked. Hopefully you will shine again
  11. yes. make research and make your gig with best keywords that help you to rank.
  12. Yes, you can modify/update your Gig information, description, images, FAQs, etc… as much as you like. From my experience, it helps me find more buyers after updating the Gig. Most of the time, I either get first message, or first order within an hour after updating the Gig. Just to note: it depends what services you provide, how busy or how fresh/new the category is. It may not work for everyone. I probably got more chances to get an order because I am more popular in that category. exactly depends on services.
  13. Try to make a attractive gig with best keywords. research about keywords and try for convinient buyer request. Thanks
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