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  1. I did it but the customer does not respond. I’ll click Decline so I’ll see what happens. If you can add comment to the decline section, just type what you wish. M
  2. You could send him an email to explain your intention to complete the project.
  3. At least you drew something for the buyer. But, he should have asked for revision instead of refusing to pay.
  4. There are so many cheap labour on this site so no job offers are norm.
  5. It’s best to post the sample along with your profile.
  6. I also advertised my work on LinkedIn. Today, finally, one person had a look at it and ‘liked’ it.
  7. My area, London Borough of Havering is on the brink of another lock down as it has too many older people living in the area. Around 50% of the deaths caused by COVID in our area. The virus only kills the old and the vulnerable ones. Meanwhile the young people in our Borough have been selfish by congregating in pubs and local parks which have since caused another spike in the covid cases.
  8. It all depends on luck to be honest. Alibaba website is even worse.
  9. I have been on this site since two weeks ago. There are too many Excel specialist here. So, the competition is tough. Will try to come up with something different this weekend. I get a backup plan before unemployment hits us hard in the UK due to COVID. How’s Italy dealing with COVID?
  10. Your gig has been doing quite wwell compared to mine! I am still having a zero work.
  11. The buyer tends to be a scammer who preys on new freelancers.
  12. It’s now confirmed that the scammers are trying to scam new freelancers. My case was I was asked to spy on his competitor. He said he would give me a follow up project but disappeared as soon as I challenged him to prove if his request was legit.
  13. I suspect new freelancers tend to get this kind of request thinking they are naive. So, this thread on this forum has helped a lot of new starters.
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