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  1. Hi, try to login with Fiverr. It will automatically login and redirect to forum account. If again failed clean your cache, browsing history, cookie then try again.
  2. Hi, After placing an order buyer can send you a cancel request or buyer request Fiverr support to cancel. After fully completing the order buyer can request the support team to cancel the order and refund. But it will not work after so many days. Or if you prove support team that your work is perfect and buyer trying to scam. Thanks
  3. Hi, I am also under 18. So I opened payoneer account with my mother name and withdraw from fiverr to payoneer then payoneer to my mother bank. Thank you.
  4. Hi Selim, I checked your Fiverr profile. You did not add any gig. Please add 3-7 gig based on your work. Add good-looking gig image. Do some marketing of your gig. Thanks
  5. Hi, Maybe buyer blocked you or fiverr disabled buyer account. There can be multiple reason. Thanks
  6. Hi, Your gig image is looking good. But if you add some shadow in text and logos then it will look more beautiful. By the way, Are you giving original Elementor pro license or cracked version? I give original elementor pro license to my buyers. Thank you.
  7. Hi, Welcome to fiverr. Make your gig with seo. Do not share your personal contact, don’t do misbehaves with buyers. Follow fiverr rules. Thanks
  8. Hi, This is also showing me too. Then I go one page back and reloaded my tab. All problem gone. 🙂 Thanks.
  9. Hi, I saw your gig. Your gig image is not looking good to me. I suggest you to add more good quality image. Do some linkedin marketing of your gigs. Thanks
  10. Hi, Welcome to fiverr. Do not share your personal contact, don’t do misbehaves with buyers. Follow fiverr rules. Thanks
  11. Hi, Why you are bored? Read topics on fiverr forum. You can know so many unknown topics. I never bored in fiverr forum. Thanks.
  12. Hi, I had this problem before. Then I just changed my broadband line to my Phone Data. And it’s fixed. After 1-2 hour later my broadband line also fixed. Thanks
  13. If you set very low price then you will get low budget buyers. And high budget clients are not believe that you can make good design at cheap rate. Keep minimum 15-20$ then increase features. And add more page in pricing.
  14. Hi, Yes you can withdraw your money to local bank without approving global payment service. My global payment service is also under review from 3 months. Maybe you can receive only USD. Other currency you can not receive without approving global payment service. Thanks
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