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  1. I hope so. The thing I’m finding most concerning is - the missing income isn’t showing in my cleared account either. So it say’s it’s been withdrawn - it hasn’t been cleared and isn’t pending clearing - I don’t know where it is. If this is some sort of glitch and the missing income gets paid, no harm, no foul. I just wish this made sense.
  2. So yours is also incorrect… What is going on ?
  3. Has anybody experienced this before? Sorry to talk money, but I’m really concerned and wondered if anybody could help understand what’s going on. Already contacted CS and awaiting response. The Withdrawn figure in my Earnings tab is showing $1396.16. When I click on that figure, it shows a list of sums that correctly equate my actual Withdrawn amount, approx $800 (I’m paid in GBP hence $800 approximation). When I click on the “Cleared” option for total funds that have actually cleared in my account, they add up to just over $800. So my actual withdrawn amount and cleared earnings are the same, and this bit seems to makes sense. Why then would the Withdrawn figure on my Earnings tab show $1396.16, when the actual withdrawn amount as listed underneath it is $800, same as my total cleared earnings. Where could over $500 of my income gone? Any help on this would be really appreciated - particularly if this is something you’ve experienced/seen resolved before.
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