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  1. Today I have faced it, the buyer gives me 1 star + very bad feedback, but work is 100% complete with the requirement. 😭
  2. Thank you so much for the information , Thank a lot Fiverr
  3. Thank you so much #Fiverr Staff for the Update.
  4. Thanks, Brother, for this advice. Thanks a lot.
  5. very bored but I continue hard-working. Please, anyone, give a advise me how do I improve in this field. Thank You.
  6. I wanted a simple for a nice Buyer Requests, if someone would be very helpful to help me. Thank You 🙂
  7. Hope to get an order very soon, which will speed up my work 🙂 I will try my best :muscle:t2:
  8. I am a brand new merchandiser. 🙂I actually have detected that there’s a customer request choice wherever you’ll see the requests. 🙏
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