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  1. Please help me get at least 1 order to show I am active in Fiverr…I have submitted offers to 86 Buyer Requests to date but unable to receive even 1 offer to date… Screenshot (61)1366×768 143 KB Please help me what can I do to get at least 1 order so that my Fiverr profile get active…
  2. He is asking: Can we have a chat about a design work please? Please share your WhatsApp contact if it is okay.
  3. Is it advisable to do a project sent through Fiverr outside this fiver platform? Please do let me know if it’s advisable as the wants to take the conversation outside Fiverr before even starting the project… please let know if it’s okay as I am new to Fiverr platform and freelancing.
  4. this is the sample of the offer I sent Hey! Hope you are doing well or Hi! I hope you are safe and healthy. As per your requirements, I would suggest the following offer: Awesome (Up to 10 pages + Free Cover pages + Source file) 1 Day Delivery | Unlimited Revisions Custom Graphics Photo Editing Print-Ready Source File Included (AI/JPG/PDF/PNG/PSD/EPS/SVG) Vector File Included: *.ai & *.eps Please even do let me know your additional requirements, will surely bring out the best results as per your standards. As a Graphic Designer Intern for Madarth - Branding, Advertising, Design & Digital Marketing Agency, I was responsible for designing visual elements for branding: Print AD (Flyer, Poster, Pamphlet, Banner, Hoarding); Product Packaging; Logo Evolution & Creation; Brochure Design & Product Rebranding. My main task was: to design many advertisements related to product branding. For your reference, these posters and the logo in the following links were created & edited by me: Behance: https://www.behance.net/AaliaFazal My Portfolio website: http://aaliafazal.com/ Instagram https://www.instagram.com/visualartistcreatives/ Looking forward to working with you on your brand. Regards, Aalia 🙂
  5. Hi, My name is Aalia. I’m a new seller and I know that for every new individual sending offers to the Buyer Requests on a regular basis is a very important part. So I’m doing it too, but I am not getting any reply to the offers sent to the buyers. I don’t know what the problem is. Can anyone help me? I want to know that how to write an impressive buyer request? 🙂
  6. but it seems I am unable to do the tutorial. does this mean i have already completed it when I started using this forum… Please help me get this badge:
  7. @discobot roll 2d6 @discobot quote @discobot fortune how do i move ahead from this step
  8. Hi, Can anyone tell me how to take the certified test? There is a badge that suggests I can do an interactive new user tutorial. Thanks! https://forum.fiverr.com/badges/102/certified
  9. this might be of use to you…best of luck for your journey. 😇
  10. Can you please tell me how to take the certified test?
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