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  1. Help,I can’t find gig statistics? I am a new seller. IMG_20200912_095346720×1440 151 KB Screenshot_2020-09-12-09-52-12-188_com.android.chrome720×1440 90.9 KB Please help me!
  2. Mobile verification submit was not working.So,I try to submit code several times .Then they told to try after 24 Hours.I again try it after some days.But it shows same message. Please help me. What i I will do now??? Screenshot_2020-09-11-11-09-27-883_com.android.chrome720×1440 130 KB
  3. Few months ago, I log in my fiverr account on my friend laptop on his WiFi network.Then I log out from his computer.Then I never use his computer and WiFi networks to use my account.Now my friend make a Fiverr account on this same network and laptop where I once log in my fiverr account. So,Is our account will be blocked or not??? please help me!!!
  4. Then pdf also a source file . Cause it is editable.
  5. I’m sorry but it still doesn’t make sense. Let’s start here: what kind of services are you providing? I design Resume in MS word.
  6. What? What do you even mean? Source file is a file where you created your work. Is it a pdf where you created your work? I create pdf design on MS word.Then What Will I send as a Source file???I am new on fiverr , please guide me.
  7. As a source file of pdf, Which format I will send to the clients?
  8. Can I send any website link as a source file to the clients? Like canva edit link.
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