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  1. This has happened before and it is happening now. I always order the same graphics gig from the best 2-5 sellers, based on a review of their other projects on their page. Invariably, one is excellent, a few might be somewhat OK, and 1-2 are terrible, lacking in all creativity in my opinion. (For example, making a stock photo into a rectangle and simply typing a few words across it, instead of using some creativity to make a more original/interesting button). In that latter category, I rank the person how I really feel about them and that seems fair. If you spent leas than 2 minutes doing the work and it shows, well, I don’t want others to get burned. There’s obviously no reason to send “revisions” because you have shown you don’t give a $%^& about my projects. Then comes the begging. A seller who did this is telling me sob stories about how they will change it and they need the money; the first one who begged eventually went on and threatened me as a “bad buyer” because I wouldn’t change his rating for the terrible work he delivered. So here’s what I believe: If we all lie and rank the bad sellers as OK or Excellent or Satisfied for crummy work, the good sellers will not get as much business and they deserve it. That’s capitalism, I’m sorry if you don’t like it. What do you think? How do you handle sellers who beg, whine, plead or even threaten that you change their listing?
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