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  1. Thank you for clear conception @gfxrana 💙
  2. There are many parameters and Stats are showing in my forum. why it is important and the effect of this thing in my selling performance.
  3. Welcome to Fiverr Community. yes, create gigs. best of luck @asheftajwar ❤️ thats my profile. , though i didn’t submit any gigs. u can check my profile.
  4. I am also a Banglasedhi and web developer. I am new in fiverr . pray for me. 😅
  5. can I know about your working experience and working filed ?
  6. What do you mean here? Those who are old and experienced , did they reduce their require amount for working ?
  7. Alas! That’s mean sellers are more than buyers. so, who are experienced are not treated in high rate. is it true ?
  8. We know every day thousands of people are coming in fiverr but In the COVID-19 situation are they hiring? Now many midlevel companies are started to the online platform which is not seen to do before the COVID-19 situation.
  9. I think that’s a very efficient motivational speech who have started feeling depressed. Thank you so much. The tips you provide are really very good suggestions both for old and new sellers.
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