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  1. Hey maarsie! Warm Welcome to fiverr community.Wish you great success.I am also a graphic Designer with four years of Eperience.
  2. I think that just edit it’s description,and also its thumbnail.And share it on other platforms.And don’t take description text from others gigs.Create your own.
  3. Hello! Welcome to fiverr community.Wish you great success.Do your best. 😇
  4. Hey! Welcome to fiverr community.Wish you best of luck.Do your best and let the work speak for itself. 😍
  5. My suggestion is, don’t send buyer requests to those whom have already more than four sent. And 1. Profile picture 2. Gig thumbnail have to be attractive.
  6. Welcome to fiver Community forum.Best of luck 👍
  7. Means there is a green dot on profile which shows that the next person is online.
  8. You were online when message arrived.Means your fiverr was active or not.
  9. It’s really simple, just go to your gig editing there is a box beside categories there select the other option.It’s really a ,magic You ill receive a bunch of requests.
  10. You only made to gigs and that’s not enough make all 7 gigs. Canva designing,Photoshop,Illustrator every thing these are most re searchable categories.And As for Timing I am from Pakistan so Pakistani timing is different from other countries. As or you ,you are one hour earlier from me.Night time is the best time and search on google they will let you know.I just simply search and I send requests according to this.
  11. Yes, Before they say give them what they want.I really receive clients every morning because I am online all night.
  12. Hey! hasantfahim, You can create like this https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B706ur8fBI-aQzc2cEF0NFRoNWs I daily use this way and daily clients inbox me
  13. No I think it’s normal it will gain your trust level.
  14. Hello! I take a look at your gig.You rote a little bit abbout every thing.These are very short words.
  15. I am also new welcome Ansar.Wish 🙃you good luck.
  16. I am new in this forum.I recevied 2 orders but now it’s been two months .I didn’t receive any order. 😐
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