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  1. I’ve blocked them before because the actually put me in their inbox but didnt message me and I was watching them for the past couple of days and they kept changing their profile picture
  2. This probably is spam, just want to make sure.
  3. Hey just a quick question, I was wondering If I was able to use my birth certificate as a form of Fiverr verification. I am only 14 and I don’t have any real source of identification, so I was wondering If I could use my birth certificate as verification.
  4. Ahh, don’t you love one-day delivery? people who don’t respond till the last second, they don’t even give you what they want you to change they just say, “improve my logo”. yeah, I’m getting one of those lol.
  5. Yeah that ones different, Im going to contact support and hopefully get his account removed from the screenshot I took
  6. Yeah I didnt send an offer, I should’ve but now he is gone
  7. Hello! welcome to the fiverr family! Enjoy your stay at fiverr forums!
  8. So this guy was not happy with his work, so he posted this in buyer requests, and posted a second one about how he hates certain people, I contacted the guy he was reporting and asked for the guys name because I couldn’t see it and the guy hasn’t got back to me. I wanted to report the guy that sent the buyer request as spam, but I don’t know his name Screenshot 2020-09-13 at 10.59.37 AM1159×150 12.5 KB
  9. Yes, that happens sometimes, and I think it’s happening to all of us
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