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  1. Can I use 1 payoneer account in 2 fiverr account? That means i have 2 different Ip- pc, SO , can I use 2 pc, 1 payoneer account?
  2. Can I verification 2 Fiverr account by 1 NID??? I f you know properly, so massage me quickly please… I need help!
  3. Hello, Friends, please help me , give me a solution. I am used a logo from google search. then my gig was denied, now how can I back and recover my gig. please give me solution… note : its my rating gigs. please help​:clap:👏
  4. I am work on Fiverr , which category is Graphics design>Logo design. I have a question, Can I work other categories , this is Video animation> Logo animation… Please make a sure comment for me Thank you.
  5. Yeah , Thanks you>> So much for your solution
  6. So how to I active online for long , without refresh fiverr page??
  7. Can I use a extension, which is do refresh my fiver profile page? like this “Super Simple Aotu Refresh”
  8. I posted a problem to help you. This is my brand new account on Fiber. The last few days I got a job and got the job done with tip. Then I got order again. In this case, Fiber asks me to verify the ID. I scan the QR CODE with my mobile and submit the picture of the front and back of my National ID card. But again and again they do not.
  9. I can’t find the reason why I ate this spam.Suddenly one day there is a message ,see my share picture… Screenshot (324)1280×1024 106 KB
  10. visit my profile… https://www.fiverr.com/bayzid1221?up_rollout=true I am a new seller on fiverr, my daily gig impression are 10 than low…please give me some solution…How can I improved gig impression…i have seems you know please tell me about…What do I it for?
  11. I also deliver this but my bury not reply and receive this…I also deliver this 21,11,2020…There are say this order will be completed after 3 days…So ,Am I got this amount…If My buyer not recieve and dont give review… Screenshot (335)_LI1280×1024 235 KB
  12. How can I on byuer request alert…That means when come buyer request then notification is show my profile…So I also say Can I use that any solution…
  13. how to buyer request alert on fiverr???
  14. You Can make a post of request.Then many seller visiting your profile than your gig impression are go to up…If you like my reply so like this comment…
  15. Where district?ami ki apner sathe contact e jogajog korte pari
  16. but I have already pass 14 days .but not show there earning money for withdraw.
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