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  1. Can I use 1 payoneer account in 2 fiverr account? That means i have 2 different Ip- pc, SO , can I use 2 pc, 1 payoneer account?
  2. Can I verification 2 Fiverr account by 1 NID??? I f you know properly, so massage me quickly please… I need help!
  3. Hello, Friends, please help me , give me a solution. I am used a logo from google search. then my gig was denied, now how can I back and recover my gig. please give me solution… note : its my rating gigs. please help​:clap:👏
  4. I am work on Fiverr , which category is Graphics design>Logo design. I have a question, Can I work other categories , this is Video animation> Logo animation… Please make a sure comment for me Thank you.
  5. Yeah , Thanks you>> So much for your solution
  6. So how to I active online for long , without refresh fiverr page??
  7. Can I use a extension, which is do refresh my fiver profile page? like this “Super Simple Aotu Refresh”
  8. I posted a problem to help you. This is my brand new account on Fiber. The last few days I got a job and got the job done with tip. Then I got order again. In this case, Fiber asks me to verify the ID. I scan the QR CODE with my mobile and submit the picture of the front and back of my National ID card. But again and again they do not.
  9. I can’t find the reason why I ate this spam.Suddenly one day there is a message ,see my share picture… Screenshot (324)1280×1024 106 KB
  10. visit my profile… https://www.fiverr.com/bayzid1221?up_rollout=true I am a new seller on fiverr, my daily gig impression are 10 than low…please give me some solution…How can I improved gig impression…i have seems you know please tell me about…What do I it for?
  11. I also deliver this but my bury not reply and receive this…I also deliver this 21,11,2020…There are say this order will be completed after 3 days…So ,Am I got this amount…If My buyer not recieve and dont give review… Screenshot (335)_LI1280×1024 235 KB
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