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  1. Hi, I have updated my images. I made my horse drawing fine lined, tell me how I should change my description
  2. Thank you but I don’t digitally draw so how can I make my drawings cleaner? Should I fine line them? And how can I make my description catchy?
  3. Leave your gig links and I will review them!
  4. I want to know ways to improve my art gig Thank you! Gig:https://www.fiverr.com/s2/f443008d6d
  5. It’s alright, I won’t use stock images 🙂
  6. To show what image I got a reference for drawing.
  7. If the gigs’ reviews are/ were in the 6 other gigs then i think the reviews would be deleted from the gig
  8. Alright I’ll check it our and see what I can do! Thank you very much
  9. Some people just do black and white drawings, I’m looking forward on making a drawing with pencil then taking a picture of it, and re drawing it in a drawing software on my pc
  10. If you could, could you give me some tips for improving my art? Thank you in advance!
  11. @invaderroxas thank you so much for your time, I will improve my skills!
  12. Yes true, but I can not do digital art as I don’t have much experience with it and don’t have a stylus.
  13. @kometbeats could you check my gig again? I scanned my bird drawing, I couldn’t get a clear picture of the lion so it’s the smae way it was before.
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