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  1. But my bad luck is still PayPal isn't support in our country. 😔
  2. Don't worry it's maybe a Fiverr update issue or bugs. Many people also face this issue. Hope it will fix ASAP.
  3. The badge is given out manually by Fiverr, hence the name "Choice." - since it's their choice whether they give it to you or not. If Fiverr decides then you will catch on, then you can't do anything about it. This includes quality service, according to my experience. The fact is, Fiverr hasn't disclosed their hiring practices for that badge, and I am unaware of how they select gigs. It's all up to Fiverr.
  4. Hey, don't worry, it will fix ASAP. But in my experience it also depends on orders. So, be patient and try to get new order from buyer request or other marketing.
  5. Not exactly sure what you mean here. Level One and Level Two are automatic promotions done during mid-month evaluations if a seller meets all the required prerequisite criteria. If you are talking about, “Will Fiverr promote me more if I am a Level One seller?” then don’t count on it. If you do a quick forum search of “level 1 hell,” you will see that being promoted is not always a boon to business. Thanks for your valuable information.
  6. I know it. but i want to know that will fiverr promote on level 1 seller?
  7. Hello all, I want to know about level 1 sellers. What the main benefit of a level 1 seller. Can anyone explain me. I will get to this level in the next 15 May. So, I want to know about it more clearly.
  8. My account is temporary disable for nid verification. I send mail on fiverr last 16days ago. But still they didn’t send me any replay. what do I do? please help me anyone. Thank you
  9. If they say 10 days, they don’t mean less than 10 days… Be patient. Thanks for your replay. But today already gone 10days.
  10. Hello all, Please help me. I have faced a problem on my fiverr account. I gave my temporary govt. authorized NID for verification. Fiverr didn’t verify it and make my account temporary disable. Then last 9days ago I send a mail in fiverr team. And give my smart NID. But I didn’t get any response from fiverr. They told me that they will contact me within 10days. Already 9days gone. Still I didn’t get any response. What do I do now? please help me. Thank You.
  11. You should do exactly that 👆 You mean they response me within next 2days?
  12. Hello, My account is temporarily disable for last 8days. 8days agoI get notification for verify NID. And I submitted my NID 3 times. And then my account is temporarily disable. I’m trying to contact fiverr and already knock support team. But still I didn’t get any response. They told me wait 10days. What should I do? Please help anyone.
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