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  1. it has a common problem of fiverr and they skipped the main answer all time. It’s not their any fault but it’s their algorithm.
  2. Why is my gig rank down again and again? Can anyone tell me about Fiverr algorithm details?
  3. Welcome to Fiverr forum. Best of luck.
  4. Please do some social marketing on your gig. I hope your gig get it’s rank very soon
  5. Yes its okay But my gig can’t find only search page. One more things when i go on the category then it find on last page
  6. From the beginning, my gig appeared in the search results on the first page (in these keywords; google banner ads/google banner Adwords. But the last few days I couldn’t find my gig on the search result by any keywords. I am level 2 seller. Please help me. How to bring back my gig on search result?
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