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  1. hello, somehow I can see all of the fiverr forums except for "your fiverr experience" thread. im not really sure if this is a bug or something else.
  2. That was my question “I’m a little bit confused whether the ToS allows me to sell my own art to multiple buyers WITH the buyer’s consent. it will be pay to use only payment. I want to sell sub badges and emotes for streaming platforms, but i want to sell ones I have already made to whoever wants to buy. the buyer WILL KNOW AND ACCEPT that he’s only paying to use for personal use and I am allowed to sell this to different buyers. Is this allowed?”
  3. And yes, what you have written in 1 and 3 your first post is pretty clear. I would recommend considering making this a part of your requirements, too. Point 2 is… I would split that into two points. However, refunds are slightly out of your control. If you’re selling through Fiverr, you’re subject to Fiverr’s payment and cancellation terms. So I’ve asked fiverrs support and that was their response: 'This has been reviewed and it has been determined that services like these are not allowed. Every time after the order completion, the rights to the delivered files are transferred from Seller to Buyer and therefore you cannot offer something that the Buyer doesn’t have exclusive rights to.". However i asked then about reselling tshirt design because I’ve seen so many gig which are fiverrs choice that do that and that was their response: "Thank you for the follow-up. I’ve checked and T-Shirt designs are allowed, however, the service that you have inquired about is not." I don’t understand the difference… Are they saying no for no?
  4. Ok thats pretty clear! thank you for the help. I actually sent a ticket to ask about this to customer support. lets see what they say about it.
  5. no it’s my art work. I made it but I want to sell it to different buyers. again, they will know theyre only paying to use. and its all for personal use. basically I’m trying to sell emotes and sub badges for streaming platforms. I already have a very successful custom gig but i wonder if this is allowed
  6. I’m having the same exact issue. I used to limit my gigs because i couldn’t handle all the orders. Now my gigs have been available for 2 weeks and im barely getting any orders. I have to mention that my gigs are both on first page of search, top rows. My statistics are great. I can understand if one gig is having problems but both main gigs at the same time?? I have a feeling the promoted gigs is affecting it. People are paying and who isnt paying isnt getting much traffic
  7. YES, buyer will know and agree to the terms that this is pay to use only work. I’m reading ToS but i can’t find a point where it says it’s not allowed. So basically, is there a problem with this gig description below? I saw a few do that but not sure if they’ll get in trouble. **"TERMS OF SERVICE: When buying these emotes, buyer agrees and understand these are not exclusive to you and other people may purchase them as well. Upon purchasing these emotes, you do not exclusively own all the rights. You have the right to upload them to Twitch/Mixer/ Discord/YouTube.Due to the nature of this product, I do not accept refunds. Buyer is not allowed to edit, trace, copy, resell, or redistribute.Because I am the artist, this means I own rights to this art and you (customer purchasing said product) are not allowed to file DMCA’s against anyone who has also purchased these emotes.**
  8. No i have no deliveries hanging as i mentioned. This is happening for 2 gigs
  9. Hello! so 2 of my gigs have this issue. they say they’re overbooked and don’t appear in search but they didnt even reach the limit. I also have no delivered orders either.! but I don’t get this issue if I raise the limit to 5. it seems a gap of 1 is the issue
  10. Yes I have read that. But that doesnt answer my question really. I’m asking if I can add a commercial use extra on my own even if the category of my gig doesnt have a commercial use option.
  11. Hello. I do some digital art and logos in my gigs but those gigs don’t have the embedded option for commercial use. My question is if I add an extra as commercial use, will it follow the same commercial use legal points mentioned in TOS? meaning, do I own the art? I just want to be able to use my own art that I created for (for buyers) for the front gig picture. and if i’m missing something please do point it out.
  12. I have that same issue. matter of fact, I have money cleared up to tomorrow which I haven’t done manually. and the money available for withdrawal is way less.
  13. I think it only work if the orders werent completed automatically.
  14. I’m a little confused. From what I understood, you can’t share your own social media on your gigs or profile but I’ve seen top rated artists who post their instagram for example on each preview they make. Is that allows? I’ve seen so many people do it but i searched top sellers since they’re probably more exposed and if their accounts aren’t banned than???
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