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  1. I have been working on the fiber platform for two years I have already completed 1818. I am very sorry to say that on last 15th I had 50 new orders in my profile. And I've been working pretty well but my profile was lost on the 15th due to the fiverr algorithm from the marketplace. I contact Fiber Customer Support and they tell me everything depends on my performance, But my question is if my performance was bad then how come 50 more orders in my profile I have been doing respect and literary work for a long time. My profile was very popular on the Fiber platform, But I understood why Fiber removed my profile from the marketplace. I contacted customer support and was disappointed they didn't give me any helpful information I think.😂😭😭I still have 26 more orders on my profile. I think my future career was ruined because of the algorithm in fiverr. please help me    


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