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  1. Hello experts, I was getting sales on my profile quite well before I moved on to offline businesses and after almost 6 months now I want to continue my Fiverr once again with full concern. but I am not getting any good results of impressions or clicks like before (also no order after coming back till now). I changed 2 gigs and created a new one (also edited keywords and description to get my rank back) but still, I'm not getting my expected result please can you suggest to me some good information about how can I get my gig rank again. Thanks in advance.
  2. It’s something I am also suffering for a month. I got my last sale a month ago from then my gigs are not getting enough impressions and clicks. I got no solution:( I have good ratings but still my gigs are deranking day by day no new messages from any buyer.
  3. Hello there, few days ago i edited my gig title for adding a keyword in my gig but i am realizing that nothing has changed my gig is performing as same as before. But some of my friends are telling that title editing will effect my gig ranking in search option is it true? I don’t have any reviews on that gig. Thanks in advance. my gig link: https://www.fiverr.com/designworld75/do-luxury-minimal-business-card-design-for-you-in-24-hour
  4. Thank you so much but I am worried about my gigs. There might be anything wrong thats why i am not getting orders:)
  5. I am new on Fiverr created my first gig 1 month ago and got some decent impression and clicks there but i am not getting any orders:) is it normal? Do i need to change anything on my gigs? please visit my gigs and share your opinions. Thank you. my profile link: https://www.fiverr.com/designworld75
  6. Yes. I am facing the same problem 😌
  7. Contact Fiverr support tell them everything, I know how it feels bro.
  8. Hi Fiverr Community Forum! I am totally new seller here.Can you guys give me some tips to get my first order? please visit my Gigs and help me if i need to add or change anything to improve my gig. Thank you. https://www.fiverr.com/designworld75
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