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  1. @helal311 Why on earth would you advise someone to work for free? Do you work for free? @setu_biswsa - I assume, if you’ve had a 5 star review, your buyer was happy with the original design? So, new design (or changing the existing design) equals new order. You can quote him a cost to make the desired changes. Simple. Why should you work for free? @cubittaudio You are right, Thanks a lot for your valuable suggestion. But, If I told him to create a new order, he can make any issue for the previous order?
  2. Thanks for your reply, But why I work without new order?
  3. I completed a order last week ago, buyer give me 5* and now he wants to change the design, What can I do now? I can not redesign it without a new order. Please give me some solutions.
  4. Same problem brother, we have need social media marketing for getting more traffic.
  5. Thanks a lot, But now if i change my gig image, my gig lost rank and create any issue in buyer request?
  6. Hello, there community! I am setu_biswsa from Bangladesh, I’m a WordPress Developer and I started working here a few days ago. I’d appreciate you click my profile and check all of my gigs and send me an offer. https://www.fiverr.com/setu_biswsa?up_rollout=true If you don’t want or can’t and order just by clicking you’ll be helping and inform me about my gig, thanks!
  7. my video duration only 49 seconds. It’s not really long.
  8. I can not upload my gig video. it shows error now how can I solve this problems?
  9. Try to active more times and fast response within 1 hour.
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