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  1. Thanks for your valuable statement … it will helpful for the new seller …
  2. Here I want to know your understanding based on your experience on this place about gig marketing. Read the following text carefully and make a positive statement according to your experience. Sometimes, your gig on the first page and you get more orders. You complete them with a great experience. Then sometimes, you find that your gig has no rank even tenth page, why "? what is the reason behind it? How can you find them top again? Sometimes, you follow the social media marketing strategy on your gig. What is the advantage of it? Or what is your understanding (something plan) about gig marketing? Hopefully, you will reply with the best answer… Thanks!
  3. Be patient, Your gig ranking falls. Hope it would be covered soon… Send the buyer request at regular basis after understanding the buyer’s requirements. Hopefully you will get new orders. Thanks!
  4. Check the buyer profile first… If the request from the real buyer, read the request carefully and send your propossal… Hope it will be helpful… to get the orders… Thanks!
  5. How can i get client from linkedin… Please share your streategy… Hope it will be helpful for ourselves. Thanks!
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