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  1. Check the impression and clicks of your gigs. If those are not many, then do the keyword research and social media marketing.
  2. You somehow asked clients to drop a feedback or reviews regarding the project. I see you are a new seller. So check all of your communication with clients to find out where you wrote this. Asking feedback/ reviews/ positive ratings is strictly prohibited on Fiverr. If you are 100% sure then you can contact the Fiverr support team. But please check again and again.
  3. Getting the visility you meant to rank your GIGs I belive. First you need to create a GIG with the best skill you got. Then create the GIG in a proper way: do keyword research, write a nice description, tell what you offer, put the best prices, do the GIG marketing in social media. Use the Fiverr mobile app stay connected and reponse your clients promptly… Learn more from google and youtube.
  4. Hi there, Just got some free time and wanted to help NEWBIES those are seeking for guideline. So I or the experts in this platform going to reply or share their experience to your legit queries if there any.
  5. Thanks @all for your prompt responses. I really appricate your feedback and learning a lot of things from you.
  6. Okay. Now client wants to place an $5 work order for the interview. 😛
  7. Thanks for your quick response. This is helpful
  8. Client asking to have an interview over the zoom. Can I do that?
  9. Not at all, fiverr suggest to share the gigs to the social median.
  10. I wish If I get the beta version 😛 Anyway, this will be helpful for the virtual assistant gig I believe. Thanks, Fiverr.
  11. Hi there, If you really need to share the eMail for work purpose then you can share. Remember to drop a note in your chatbox with a message like why you are sharing the email. e.g: Note: We need to share the mail for this purpose------- However, contacting with clients out of fiverr is strictly prohibited. Follow the TOS of fiverr. Keep working. Thanks Shapon1
  12. Don’t be confused. This might be the reason for fiverr algorithm. Fiverr used to shuffle all gigs as schedule basis so that everyone got chance to rank on the first page and get some orders. However, do marketing your GIGs to social media and share as much as you can. Thanks Shapon1
  13. In a single sentence, create a GIG you are good in and buyer looking for. That’s it.
  14. Shapon from Dhaka, Bangladesh. I am working in fiverr from 2017 but joined in forum today, LOL.
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