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  1. Hi there, Thank you very much for sharing your ideas and research and for taking the time to update the topic even after a long time. I already have a TransferWise account and I am going to set up a Payoneer account following your suggestion, but there are a few things that I would like to ask you: 1 – When you say Payoneer Account you mean the Fiverr Revenue Card that you can request from Fiverr platform? Or you mean that you opened an account from Payoneer and use the generic Bank Withrawal option to transfer money on it form Fiverr? 2- About the payoneer card, I read they charge you 3 dollars a month if you don’t use the card? Have you experienced that? Since all the funds will be transferred to the Transferwise account, do they charge you directly from your Fiverr balance? Thank you in advance for sharing your experience with us!
  2. Hi @pixelatedpeach ! Please let us know how that ended up! I am very interested, hopefully, it all worked out well for you. Thank you!
  3. Wow this is great! You just solved a huge Fiverr’s mystery! I wasn’t able to find such information anywhere online Many thanks
  4. Also, how can I block him? on his profile I can only see the link to report him. Thanks
  5. Thank you all for sharing your past experiences and considerations. It helped enormously. I did my considerations as well, and ended up reporting him, hope it will stop him. Also, I withdrawn my first offer, I have no intention to work with him in any case. PS. He just wrote back: “Do I still have a collaborator in Italy?” How slimy!
  6. Hello everyone, I am quite new. And I’d like to have your opinion to understand if this buyer is trying to scam some how (I have a weird feeling). Introduction: He asks for kind of a big work, I make my honest offer, and he starts pushing to get a considerable discount, (almost 50% off), he promises more work coming and bla bla bla. But this is not the point. Things that make me suspicious are: 1- He requests this: “Please send me an offer with this description text for the description: Services for the adaptation of marketing material including web for specific needs of the UK targeted market. This is for my internal accounting system.” (which is not really related to the gig I had to do) 2- he wasn’t able to describe clearly what he needed, and asked me to sign up with my email to his company coming webinar, and watch it to understand what the project was. And sent me a webinar link. Then I say myself. He is a top Buyer he must be good! So, I go check his profile he is a member only since july 2020, and has soo many reviews (even 4 or 5 per day in the last days) all of them are 5 stars and none of them says anything specific about a gig or a project. Then I checked the reviews he has left to sellers (some of them are level 2 or top sellers) and they are all like “great work” and never say anything about gigs. and no review shows the delivered work. What do you guys think? Also, I feel so bittered thinking that there may be a huge exchange of fake reviews on the platform, and lots of top sellers are involved. Many thanks in advance for your contribution
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