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  1. If this could really happen, it would really amaze me. By the way, what if there are no funds in my account at that time? How can Fiverr withdraw buyers’ money from me?
  2. Well, this too happened to me. I got declined. Now I’m ‘no-level’ seller again. I’m not sure why I got declined. As I can guess, it might because I’m didn’t reply the buyers message soon. But guess what? The orders flow just the same whether I’m ranked or de-ranked. So, I suggest keep on moving. Don’t thinking much about the rank. Because maybe the rank has nothing to do with the orders.
  3. This is actually scares me as I’m using Payoneer too. Did you really withdrawn your money from Fiverr to Payoneer successfully? By successfully, I mean the money arrived in your Payoneer account. If you’re successfully withdrawn your money to Payoneer, and then the money comes in Payoneer account, it shouldn’t have any connections with Fiverr again right? If the money already in your Payoneer, then whether your Fiverr account blocked or not it shouldn’t any problem. You still can withdraw your money in Payoneer to your local bank.
  4. Calm down… You don’t even tell the forum what was happened? What happened then? If you want us to learn something from your experience, then tell us what.
  5. I had joined Fiverr in what, maybe 2009. There were no sales at all. But then I quit Fiverr. Then covid hit. I decided to join Fiverr again. Sales are going well until now. Why did I fail before and now just fine? I learned two most important things: Re-evaluate the gigs.Re-evaluate the prices.I spent about three months before I decided to join Fiverr again, just to evaluate my gigs and prices. Until I finally found the right gigs and prices. Good luck.
  6. I did this too. I just want to check how actually a buyer see my extras. The next day Fiverr emailed me said that I forgot something, lol.
  7. As mentioned before, looks like Fiverr classified the buyers in a certain way. I have a V.I.D buyer right now. And similar to yours, I have a notification: Provide excellent service to keep them coming back. Well, whoever the buyers ‘class’ are, I’ve been keep my excellent services are always there.
  8. No, you can’t offer the buyer more work. You’d get a warning. You can only offer them something if they ask for it. This service isn’t a free pass for us to spam people for extra work or higher volume work, but it could certainly encourage spam. Do we really get a warning if we offer more to the buyer? I’ve seen there is a ‘offer an extra’ button in order message section. I think we can use it wisely (whether the buyer ask for it or not) without getting any warning. If we get any warning using this button without the buyer asking it, then this button is really a trap. 😑
  9. That’s huge… 👏 congratulation! Please start a thread and give us tips to gain more repeat orders. Based on your personal experience.
  10. This is exactly what happened to my gigs lately. I don’t know what is the culprit. But the best way I can do (until now) is keep signing off and on… until my gigs appear when the ‘online sellers’ filter applied.
  11. I have tried to be always online on Fiverr. That way, orders are always flowing. I know it because I’ve tried before: I have no orders when I am offline. But the orders stopped about a week ago anyway. I’m already in ‘ONLINE STATUS’ and under curiosity, I switch to selling and tried to search my gig with a certain keyword. My gig appeared on the first row. Niceee… Now the strange thing. I tried to activate ‘Online Sellers’ filter. Guess what? Yes you are right. My gig has disappeared. Maybe this has been the reason the orders stopped flowing. However, I have seen there is a green dot on my profile. That means I’m online. And yes, I know I am online. But by the systems, it looks like Fiverr has noticed I’m not online. So this is what I did to solve these ‘bugs’. I signed out of Fiverr on all devices. Android app and website. Then I signed in again. And do the search. Then, boom. My gig comes back either with or without a filter. Now I just have to wait to see if the orders will flow again. Maybe you have also experienced that your orders suddenly stop. You can try the way I have done. Then wait if the orders will flow again. This may have something to do with cache…
  12. UPDATE: This guy, finally, taken down ‘his’ gig. Just before I contacted the support. I’ve double-checked this. He really deleted it. But, when I looked around at his page, it seemed that he had also copied other seller’s gig. 😵 This is really bad.
  13. In a matter of hours is fast. Would you please give me exact procedure to report this to the CS?
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