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  1. I have cancelled the order now. Is there a way to still leave him a review? Can’t seem to find it.
  2. He’s now saying there has been an issue with his laptop and he won’t be getting it back until tomorrow. This may very well be true but there had been no mention of technical problems before (the explanation/excuse was he “got stuck”). On top of that some functions still need to be implemented. He avoided my direct question about a delivery date but to me that sounds like more than just a couple of days. I have really run out of patience now and will cancel the order. Such a shame my first experience with fiverr is such a bad one.
  3. Good post Helen, that’s exactly how I see it. As long as you communicate, most reasonable people will be understanding and accommodating. I certainly am. FWIW the gig is a Java project that I didn’t think was that complex so 20 days should have been enough but I’m not an expert and the seller has very good reviews so I was happy to trust him. I have just received this reply now from the seller after reminding him the delivery is long overdue: “Hi I’m sorry I was stuck on it”. Again, this is the exact opposite of good communication. I would have expected at least some sort of estimation on when he is planning to deliver. Really frustrating as I have been waiting for a month now for a software I really need.
  4. 😕 it is unprofessional indeed. Does your order also shows ###LATE### sign? If so then in 48 hours you’ll get an automatic option to cancel the order and that will leave automatic 1 star review to a seller saying that they failed to deliver on time. 48 hours after missing first deadline and missing the ea too soon deadline is enough time to complete the order if they indeed have something to send you. It says “very late” now.
  5. Update: I agreed to give him four more days and he sent the extension request which I agreed to. For some reason that request was for only three days. So the official deadline expired Aug 18, 9 PM CET. But I didn’t contact him yesterday and gave him the extra day. Needless to say, it’s Aug 20 now and he still hasn’t delievered.
  6. Will do. I’ve agreed to the proposed extension but haven’t received a reply.
  7. Thanks for your answer. It wasn’t a particular big order, nothing that would take 20 days I don’t think. I assumed he requested the time because he had other gigs to finish first. The seller has very good reviews so I have no reason to assume there’s anything weird going on.
  8. Hi everyone, I bought my first gig on fiverr on 26 Jul and we agreed on a 20-day deadline. That expired last night. Three hours before the deadline I received a message from the seller asking for more time. This was the first time he had contacted me since our initial conversation. So I asked how much more time would be needed and overnight (hours after the deadline) he replied “3 to 4 days”. Is this normal behaviour? To me this seems highly unprofessional. His message yesterday also started with “Hi I’m currently working on this” which coupled with the complete lack of communication (no big deal but I expected him to have some questions) makes it look as if he only started working on it yesterday. How should I proceed? Thanks for your help.
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