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  1. thanks, after watching your stats i realized my click to order rate it just fine
  2. i am gettin 1 order out of 20 clicks on avarage. intrested to know your stats!
  3. i don’t do any exchange in paypal, i transfer my money as dollars and my bank has normal exchange rate, but payoneer force me to exchange to shekels
  4. in the main they clearly say 1 dollar = 3.28 when the global currency is 3.36
  5. i’m not talking about bank fee, but that the currency exchange is too high
  6. 3.36 to 3.28 is way more then any physical exchange store i have ever used. it’s usally 3.36 into 3.33 or 3.31 top
  7. no its not. they also exchange currency causing big loss for sellers. please don’t talk about what you don’t know or understand 1 dollar is 3.36 shekels as for right now. payoneer gave me 3.28 shekels for each of my dollars, which means i pay the fixed 2% rate + 3% loss from terrible coin exchange
  8. fixed rate, like 2 dollars. that very good i can transfer 1000$ and pay 2$
  9. i just noticed payoneer, exchange rate is weird. if i withdraw 100$ from my fiverr earning, they take like 2 or 3 $ withdraw fee which is completely fine by me. but then instead of exchanging each dollar into 3.36 shekels (my currency) they exchange 1 dollar into 3.28 shekel. which means every transfer i lose 3% just for bad currency exchange… so my only option is to use paypal and never use payoneer again, but then i have to wait like 7 days every time i transfer money from paypal to bank.
  10. because you change ur gig often you get no orders. make it good gig and never change it again. trust me.
  11. i have about 40 reviews, 39 of 5 star and 1 of 2 star, so my overall rating is 4.9 i recently had to cancel order because of problematic buyer. so now i have 98% order completion rate about 1 canceled order from like 50 orders completed is this good?
  12. usally that happns when u edit gig/ upload new images/ new tags. it will be fine after some days
  13. cancelling order effect your gig just as bad as bad review. also i couldnt know he will leave that unfair review
  14. “gettin paid” lol i made him 50$ character for 10$ i dont need that money, i would prefer to remove the feedback and that they fiverr pay him back
  15. how is that gonna help me if buyer has rating, in this case he bought my gig without talking to me.
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