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  1. I have exactly the opposite piano tracking gig. I’m a studio musician and track rock, soul, blues, funk, r&b, country… I’m the guy you hire when you don’t know what you want, but you describe it as “make it real funky at 2 mins in.” People come to me because they don’t need a fundamental understanding of arrangement, theory or to be able to speak in the “live music language.” It used to not be this way. Formally, live musicians spoke in a weird “half theory.” We knew scales, chords and arranged through a number system. Working with live bands and artists now is different. The basis of that “live language” is gone. Recently, I went to an extremely prominent studio in Nashville where an artist was cutting some of my material. The studio musicians are a well known revolving door of guys that perform on ALL of the contemporary hits in the country music world. When I presented them with charts - they almost fell out of their chairs. They huddled and we all talked about the last time a writer/artist could direct a session. Some of them had never seen it at all. That’s all we need to know about the widening barrier of entry on what passes for professional. That always makes my life hell. I read too many theory books and I used to think buyers would at least try to explain things in a logical manner. Instead, they expect me to understand all styles and their vague explanations. “Make it memorable”. Cool, do I change the orchestration, motives, harmony, or what? Epic movie soundtrack or traditional stuff? Do you have any references? Fortunately, when I get a buyer that did learn theory (even if it’s different styles, like Indian theory) communication gets INCREDIBLE easy.
  2. repost because people said it was a weird request too. A buyer bought a piano recording gig and asked me to arrange a song for the piano. I did that. Now he says It was supposed to be a jazz arrangement and that it was not supposed to have the vocals. Oh, and by the way, transcribe the bass, even though you did state it was a different gig. WAT? I’m a classical pianist, I barely know how to play a bebop scale with swing rhythm…
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