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  1. Hello! I have a Fiverr seller account which is logged in my Android device. My friends has also a fiverr seller account in his Android device and we are both offering same services. Now, we want to swap device with one another, and after we will log in our own accounts into these Android devices. Will it create any issue? can we blocked by the Fiiverr? we just want to swap devices. Thank you in advance,
  2. Thanks uk1000, i refreshed it many time but it’s still it’s show $0, also in mobile app. If leave it as it is and deliver it, will this $40 will add in my account?
  3. Hey Everyone, yesterday i sent a custom offer of $40 to buyer which he accepted and countdown is started, but on my dashboard it shows $0, also in active order it shows $0, why? Please help!
  4. Thanks for your interest to help me, but it’s not completed neither delivered, it’s an active order, i sent a custom order of $40 to buyer and he accepted it. But on my dashboard it show $0. How can it be possible?
  5. Hey, I have an active order of 40$, but it shows $0, when go to order page, it shows $40, but on home screen it’s not, Can anyone help Please.
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