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  1. Welcome. Try to stay online as much you can.🙂
  2. No Problem… But Your gig’s rank will going down for edit… if you get order regularly than no need to edit it or you can edit…
  3. Welcome 👍 Read Fiverr terms of services completely it will be very helpful to work here…
  4. A buyer order me for a business card & brochure. I complete her work perfectly & also she appreciate my work & tipped me… And also after completed the order she ask me to change image, text etc. I done all the things devoutly… but suddenly one day she massage me and said that business card is perfect after print but brochure is look blurry and size is incorrect… than I ask her to show me blurry file & let me understand where is the problem… she send me a video clip… on the video clip i saw all printed brochure are look perfectly… I nothing saw blurry… Than I told her to wait a day & let me go to my local printing agency and let me find where is problem… I went to the my local printing agency and print a copy of brochure. all are perfect nothing look blurry & size was also perfect… After that I send her my printed brochure sample & also send the file which I use for print… but she started blaming me without checking anything… And ask me to return the brochure money & kept business card money… today sudden the completed order is cancelled & all order amount is deduct… I don’t know why it happen… if a buyer can cancel the order and take out money after completed order… how we can safely work here… I also submitted a request in support center & explain the whole things… but they said me they can’t anything for me at this situation…
  5. welcome Tasmin… What type of developer you are? Could I know
  6. Suddenly my response rate going down. I don’t know why it happened. I response within 10 min. how I get back my 100% response rate. Seeking experts advice.
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