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  1. A buyer orders, pays, and then you deliver. That is how Fiverr works. If you bypass this you will have worked for free. Check this out: Top 5 Tips to Protect Yourself from Badly Behaved Buyers thank you very much @lloydsolutions
  2. I just to wish to add that some sellers even don´t have proper licensed software, sell their works here and do not respect developers´ work. That’s right. @blavaro
  3. That is really helpful. Not only for me but also all the new sellers. Thank You very Much @technocrysy
  4. Thanks for Your suggestion @genuineguidance
  5. Hlw, I am a new seller on Fiverr in the Logo Design Catagory. I have completed Two orders and got a 5-star review. But one day my third client knocked me and told me to make a logo for his brand. He provided a long PDF. He asked me some samples before making an order. I drew 3 samples. I show him those. He asked me again to illustrate the drawing in Adobe Illustrator. As a new seller, I took it normally. I illustrated the samples. With the samples, I made A Presentation PDF and sent it to him. From then he didn’t reply. Then I visited his profile. I was astonished. He is not a buyer. He is a seller. And he is in the same catagory- Logo Design. He is a 2nd Level Seller. But he is a thief. I want to tell the buyers that You should judge each seller perfectly before pressing an order. So Many thiefs are here. They can not do work properly and they don’t respect other’s work. They even don’t respect their own works. Be careful from these Frauds. Thank You. Regards- joyanto23
  6. Is Excessive Gig Sharing & Marketing is the main reason for decreasing Impressions and clicks?
  7. Thank You… Good Luck You too… @paris_hurst 🙂
  8. It is explained here:https://sellers.fiverr.com/en/article/viewing-gig-statistics @lloydsolutions … thanks for the information.
  9. @paris_hurst … thank you very much… But sometimes I have seen some sellers are writing in this forum that their gig impressions are decreasing gradually. I am confuse about the system.
  10. Apparently :rofl: There’s always going to be people who use Buyer Requests, but you have to be mindful about the offers you respond to. You’re either going to find the buyers/cheapskates/scammers who want, for example, a 30,000-word e-book written for $5, or new buyers who have no idea how the platform works and are willing to pay full price. As long as your responses are thoughtful and unique to each buyer, you have a better chance of getting selected. I’ve had numerous buyers accept my offer simply because I was the only one who actually mentioned key details from their requests. Personally, I feel that the buyer’s name should remain hidden until the buyer either messages the seller or accepts the offer. I appreciate you… @maddisont
  11. Hi there, I am a professional logo designer. I am a new seller in FIVERR. I have created a gig on MINIMAL LOGO DESIGN about 10 days ago. I have acquired 478 impressions and 57 clicks on my gig. Now I am not understanding what gig impressions are and what the process is to count gig impressions. Please share your experiences about your gig impressions and clicks when you were a new seller like me. It will help me to understand my gig quality. Thank You…
  12. @maddisont Buyer Request is a great path for the new sellers to get their job. But because of this problem, I think no one will post a job in future. As a new seller, I may also be affected because of this problem. Fiverr should take steps.
  13. @olyasr FIVERR should take some steps against this problem.
  14. @marinapomorac Thanks a lot. I am also a seller. Thank you for your suggestion.
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