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  1. I’m replying buyer request but there is no order.Is there any secret to get order?
  2. Can I change active gig for new design?
  3. When buyer inbox me a message then we talked each other.Then the buyer send me a personal social media link and talked about affilate marketin with commission. He want to work with me outside the fiverr.I said to him place order on fiverr.Then he said to me that i will give him some free service about promoting link then he place order on fiverr.I didn’t send my personal link. Then he knocked again.What can I do now ?
  4. I have a gig in draft but I didn’t publish.Can I delete it ?
  5. Thanks nayan_das My coriocity is. When I search any particular topic like "Classified ads " in the find service.I see that my gig is in the first page.But after an hour when I search again I can’t find my gig 1,2 & 3 pages.After 2 or 3 hours later I see that my gig is shown in the same page. Why does it occur?
  6. Thanks you all Fiverr community forum.Sometimes my gig shown and sometimes has gone.I don’t know what happened.
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