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  1. same problem! mine goes to 83, from100
  2. No, you can’t… It’s against Fiverr’s rules
  3. How to get a Rising Talent/Fiverr’s Choice badge from Fiverr? Can anyone give me tips?
  4. I am very happy because I got my first order on my YouTube SEO gig!!! Buyer was so happy with my service!!! Please pray for me to get more orders. And It will be great if you share tricks to get more orders. Thank you!!!
  5. thank you brother. will remember
  6. I keep myself active almost 19+ hours on fiverr and also send buyer requests. But didn’t get any results till now 😔
  7. I have created 7 gigs on my account. All of them are on different skills. And I am expert on all of the skills. But didn’t get any order till now!! Even not a single message from any buyers. Now, I am going depressed day by day. What to do now? Any advice?
  8. Well. I hope you will not break the rule. But key point is that you have not read terms of service yet. Because you don’t know this common rule and simple concept. There are may rules which you must know each and every rules. Otherwise if you break any of those, then you will be warn or get account suspension. So read carefully all terms of services as soon as possible. I have read it already. But didn’t recall it. Thank you
  9. Oh ok. As I am new to fiverr, I wasn’t concern about this matter. Thank you for your information.
  10. I have heard that, in the same account I can’t create gig on another sector. Like If I have already a digital marketing related gig, then I won’t be able to create web develpment releated gigs. So, I am confused.
  11. Hello My current account is on Digital Marketing sector. Now I have learned Web Development. So, I want to create new account on fiverr. Will there any problem to continue two accounts at the same time in the same laptop?
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