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  1. Hello everyone, I recently completed an order in which a client wanted specific illustrations for front and back cover of her book. She approached me and told me her idea and I gave her a free sketch sample to give her a picture of her ideas. She liked it and placed her order. After completing the order, she liked my work and rated me 5 star. However, afterwards we both realised that the size of the image that I sent her don't match the Standards for a paperback cover. Now I am sending her the same image in different resolutions while she is trying to adjust everything. Now, I feel really bad that my work wasn't as useful at the end, also I didn't know anything about book cover image resolutions to illustrate, so I feel a bit guilty. Can anybody tell me what exactly should have happened from the beginning so this doesn't happen?
  2. Same problem with me. I am not seeing any new buyer's requests just an old one, which now has 400+ offers sent.
  3. Thanx for your tips. I joined fiverr, last year in july and i am still a new seller. I have not worked since five weeks, will that turn off the buyers or something? I just wanted to know if, last delivery time stops buyers from buying your gig.
  4. Someone watching over you… And I believe they will be Fiverr stuff and Developers who controls Fiverr algorithm… Maybe they fixed it… Who knows…! Have you contacted The Fiverr Support about this issue…? Before I could contact CS the issue was solved. So yeah, I didn’t contact CS for this. Maybe, what you are saying is right, but even I don’t know what happened here.
  5. I think you are right. I posted a new reply explaining what happened. Thank you.
  6. Hey guys, this is an update. I checked my Fiverr dashboard again today, and I saw that order completion rate is back to 100% on it’s own. Order completion rate was in red and it was 75% initially when the buyer cancelled her order. Now it’s back to normal. I wonder what happened. Maybe, if the buyer cancells the order is resolution and gives their reason like “accidentally ordered it” the rating doesn’t drop? I don’t know the exact way how Fiverr works but It’s a good thing it turned back to 100% now. I hope this experience helps you guys in case you face an annoying situation like this. Ask your buyer to mutually cancel the order with the reason that “it was bought by accident”, maybe then the rating doesn’t decrease or initially it shows it decreased and maybe turns back to the way it was. I hope this helps guys.😅 And thank you all for discussing this. I am really glad.
  7. Yes, even I also don’t expect much from CS. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. It’s a bit annoying to see the rating to drop but, Now I can only move forward.😉
  8. Thanks, for telling me that. I also think that order cancellation couldn’t have been avoided. I wanted to report the buyer but, I think that’s pretty pointless too, she did apologize several times. What I think is that, the buyer changed her mind and didn’t feel like she needs the project anymore. Since, this was the cheapest gig available i.e $5.
  9. I will try contacting them to see what there revert will be regarding this. But I don’t have much hope in this situation. When the buyer herself gave the reason to Fiverr that it was an accident and regardless of this my rating dropped, what’s the point ?
  10. Hi, I am a new seller, I have successfully completed 3 orders and it took a lot of my effort and time. I was approached by a buyer who discussed with me her requirements for her order in personal chat, and then when we mutually agreed, she placed her order. After a few hours she came asking me, “can I still cancel the order?” I was almost done with her order, I asked her, is there something wrong? She said she accidentally placed it and wanted to aproach some other seller. I didn’t know about this situation very well, she requested order cancellation with the reason that she accidentally placed it. I agreed to the cancellation. I would like some guidance here, was there any other way to handle the situation? I know some will say I should have declined the request but, by the end she wouldn’t have accepted it anyway. My order completion rate has dropped to 75%, it’s demoralising tbh
  11. Yes, exactly I saw the same thing on my Fiverr app. I usually saw my clients’ last seen as “1d ago” or ‘3 hr ago’ but this recent client only shows ‘away…’ I think it’s some sort of account setting.
  12. Hi, I am also having the same issue. I will tell you exactly what happened with me, I made a withdrawal from Fiverr and confirmed it through e-mail. Then I recieved an e-mail from PayPal that my payment is waiting and I need to provide with more information before I can get this money (visit resolution center). I messaged PayPal cs and they replied me after 3 attempts, saying I need to ask the sender to resend the money to me i.e Fiverr. Now, I am stuck here. I don’t know how long will it take for me to get this issue resolved, or when can I actually have access to my money. Edit: I did contact Fiverr cs, and I got their reply after a few hours, they told me that I still have my money in my Fiverr account. I can withdraw that anytime after checking if my paypal is verified completely. I am relieved that atleast, the money is back to where it was. All of this happened after 1 day. Thank you very much Anil, my actions were based on your experience.
  13. If it’s on an android phone and you are using Google Chrome, then try using hacker’s keyboard, you can download it from playstore. Also, this keyboard can have your passwords and credit card numbers if you type via this app, hence, I suggest that use this keyboard only during verification process, and switch back to your old keyboard for later process. Although, hacker’s keyboard is pretty good and I haven’t seen many complaints about it’s security and stuff.
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