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  1. 5 hours ago, mattboa said:

    So no 2 minute limit this time? And do we post the tracks here in the thread too like old times?

    We have a 2 minute limit on this one as well. Not a must to post the track here in the thread, but I'm sure everyone would be happy to hear your take! Just make sure you submit it in the form too.

    @mattboa excited to see what you come up with! I remember some awesome vocal chops and synths from your last one 🎹

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  2. 5 hours ago, ingoklewer said:

    Thanks for the wetransfer-link, but that doesn't answer my questions.
    The link for the contest doesn't work for me, so I just wanted to know: When is the deadline for the contest and where do we have to upload our remix?
    Thanks in advance.

    Hey Ingo! My mistake, didn't realize the website as a whole wasn't working for you and @kendal1747. The contest closes on Oct 25th, 11:59PM EST.

    When you're finished with your track, you submit it here: https://fiverrq.typeform.com/to/bnCIzyI0?

    Hope this answers everything, but if not I'm here for any more questions!

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  3. Contest time! We're back with an exciting new music remix/cover contest, this time partnering with Fiverr creators and musicians, Taylor RedOh and this time, we've upped the stakes with some awesome prizes:

    • First Place - $1000 for gear with Guitar Center, $700 Fiverr credit, a chance to meet w/ - - Taylor Red on IG Live, Winner Spotlight on Fiverr social pages
    • Second Place - $500 for gear with Guitar Center, $450 Fiverr credit
    • Third Place - $100 for gear with Guitar Center, $250 Fiverr credit

    What do you have to do to enter? Just take the loop created by Taylor Red, and flip it/cover it however you want! You can either use any part of the sample/stems, or cover the melody/chord progression with your instrument or voice. The winners will be chosen by voting for the finalists on our Instagram. 

    So get creative, make something unique, and win big! Download the sample and enter by clicking here.

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  4. Hey everyone! I'm trying to learn more about the world of dubbing, and how it differs from Voice Over. 

    I'd love to hear from VO Artists and anyone that might have experience with dubbing, ADR, etc... Do professionals in these fields have similar skillsets? Is the process of production super different? Is the way dubbing could be bought and sold on Fiverr different than how VO looks?

    Would love to hear any thoughts you guys have on the subject 🎙️

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  5. Hey everyone!

    I’d love to hear some input from the community - are there any services/skills that you feel aren’t represented in the world of music & audio on Fiverr?

    We work to create new categories/services that can be offered on Fiverr - and bring more relevant demand to these new categories! Some examples of new ones we’ve opened recently are Beat Making, DJ Mixing, Synth Sound Design, Music Production Lessons… etc. (see full list here)

    Any input or ideas are welcome, no matter how small or whacky 😁

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  6. Is there any chance of hosting any of this content and making it available to view, for those of us who were unable to attend?

    It’s a great question and great idea. The first few we’ve had weren’t recorded, but we will think of ways to make the info available after. But highly recommend you join as well! So far these are all interactive events.

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  7. I attended for just a few minutes and was a little confused by the chosen platform. I was surprised it wasn’t on Zoom. As soon as I logged on I was asked to “get on stage” and I didn’t know what that meant. Turned out I couldn’t stick around anyway so I logged off. Did you end up discussing things like how to grow your VO business on Fiverr or anything related to Fiverr and being a Fiverr VO seller? When is the next one? I want to be sure I make it and can stay a while. Thanks!

    Hey Scott! Thanks for joining even if it was for a few. Yes - we ended up discussing exactly those things and then some - pricing & extras strategy, standing out on Fiverr as a VO artist, industry tips, and lots more.

    There will be some non-voice over specific events in the coming few weeks, but then we’ll be doing more voice over events soon. Check here to stay updated on events: https://www.fiverr.com/content/fiverr-beat

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  8. Hello to everyone! We apologize for the long silence… but after deliberating, we’re excited to announce our winners!

    Once again, there were many incredible submissions with all of you giving unique takes and version of this arrangement made by @loftprod… because of that, we decided again to give prizes to our 2nd and 3rd place winners too!

    After going through them all, we are happy to announce the first place winner… @joylinmusic :1st_place_medal:, Joylin added some violin and strings of her own to make a beautiful rendition! And is walking away with a cool $100 in credit.
    Listen to her entry here, and see her fiverr gig here

    In second place, receiving $50, is @zenter! And 3rd place goes to @rishidas, also getting $50!

    Thanks again to everyone for participating - and feel free to give some ideas for the next one! And of course thank you to the amazing @loftprod

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  9. Manuel! Thank you for the kind words - was great meeting you and others from the community face to face. We’ll be hosting plenty more music & audio events to talk tips, gear, production, networking, and lots more.

    The next session will be May 19th, at 12:30 PM EST. This one will be voice over focused, but of course all are welcome. Register for the event here!

    Looking forward to seeing you there 🎙️

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  10. Welcome Josh! I’m Adam, the music & audio vertical manager. Good luck getting started on Fiverr - and feel free to visit us in the music & audio section of the forum as well!

    Fiverr Music & Audio

    This is the home for music & audio discussions and news for anyone interested in music, audio engineering, voice-over, and more! A place for sellers and buyers to talk gear, tips & tricks, get feedback, and of course debate what the #1 DAW is.

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  11. Welp, I spent a good 2.5 hours, and came up with this thing.

    Also, I saw videos get extra credit? Here ya go.

    Extra details:

    Time Spent: 2 hours and 27 minutes

    BPM: 140

    Plugins used: All stock FL Studio plugins, nothing special.

    Sample Packs: Default FL Studio one shots, as well as some one shots from Cymatics granted for commerical use.

    Genre: I’m not sure, kinda a hybrid of EDM, Disco, and perhaps a bit of House?

    Time: 2:12, sorry for going over a bit. 2 minutes is quite tight…

    Key: F Aeolian is the proper term, but its relative major is C# Major.

    Anyways, I’m hoping for the best! I might make another one later.

    This is super cool. Thanks for kicking us off!

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