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  1. Hi guys, please is it against Fiverr TOS to put a YouTube link of my work on my gig description so buyers can see?
  2. Lord knows i can never sell any service for $5 lol
  3. I have noticed this too and its sad that alot of people undersell themselves. I just turned down a job of over $500 some days ago because i felt the price was not equal to the value i was going to be offering. Never be afraid to say no. People will respect you for it if anything.
  4. I’d advice you go back to doing what you were doing to get you orders when you first joined. Like sending buyers requests and also changing somethings in your gig.
  5. There was a glitch on fiverr yesterday. I had the same issue. My net income went up by almost $300 and my withdrawals went up also. It has since gone back to normal though
  6. I feel you bro. But how you communicated your not being at home with saying fiverr was just one thing in your life wouldn’t sit well with anyone who just paid you “a quarter of a grand” to have his job done. I think you could have been a little more empathetic and probably even tried to get back home and send it to them. I also think you were trying to hard to prove you were right which is not a very smart thing to do in these situations. I’m not saying you are wrong, just saying you could have handled this a lot better.
  7. I honestly feel you could have handled his a lot better. And yes some of what you said will come off as rude to anyone who reads it. These situations can be very sensitive and you need to know how to communicate best to make your buyer feel more confident that you care about their work.
  8. You need a valid passport, National ID or drivers license, bank account name and number, email address and a phone number for verification.
  9. I’ve had people from fiverr randomly search and find my instagram and when they reach out I respond to them. I don’t think there’s anything wrong
  10. This is great info especially your second point. I’m a songwriter and I send over my recordings using my laptop microphone which although it’s audible enough to hear the lyrics on the instrumental still has a lot of noise. I’m thinking about investing in my recording equipment: mic, audio interface and headphones to start with. But I just think if I’m investing in improving quality I will have to increase my price. My average selling price is already $40 and I haven’t had any client complain about audio quality. All my reviews are 5.0 so this is just totally me. So i don’t know if it’s necessary as I’m actually a songwriter. Any ideas?
  11. Great insight. I’d be one month into fiverr in a few days and I have gotten 4 orders out of 5 from sending buyers requests. Everything I do I learnt on this forum really. So yeah this is :+1:t4:
  12. Congrats on hitting that milestone of completed orders man! I’ve just been here a few weeks and only on my 5th order rn so I’m not the one to dish out advice. I noticed my impressions went down today but I also got a new order from a buyer request today. I try not to be too bothered by this though especially since I noticed the data on the app and when I use my computer sometimes vary.
  13. congratulations on that, i will be able to post something like this in 5 days time lol
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