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  1. Hey, I am the owner of ******.com and I design visual identitys for brand and I do have some 1000-10000 dollar clients as we help businesses solve thier problems. Example A- Hey minimal origin, heard you do web design. Could you create one for us? Me- Yea I would love to but why us? A- your business and portfolio is decent so I taught to reach out Me- That’s great, why web design? A- We are wanting to increase our sales as no one is visiting our website Me- Then you could ask the previous person to do it by why me? A- The previous seller was not responsive and not good at all, he wasn’t interested and did not listen to us Me- Oh really, well that’s not a seller at all, he has his own interests and not yours. What’s your conversation rate? A- 10% Me- Well that’s pretty good, from what I understand you have a web design problem, not able to get traffic due to which minimum sales, the previous person that helped you was not interested, people who click on the website are inclinde to buy your product but not getting the traffic needed to increase sales so you are looking for me is that correct? A- thats correct Me- Well, that sounds like a marketing problem to me more than a web design problem A- Yea I guess Me- How would this affect you if we make this work and fix this problem. By how much will your sales increase by? A- We make 20k a year on sales and we we make this work I think 80k to a 100k in sales seems reasonable within the next year Me- A project like this would usually cost you around 40k to 10k but since I like your business so much I’ll do it for 10 ( I out the bigger number infront so they cling onto it and when I say a smaller number they think it’s a bargain) A- Yea sounds great Me- Sure I’ll send you a contract and you could prepay half the amount. Usually this is my messages I sent to buyers and I don’t like charging so much as it’s hard to find people willing to invest so much. Well atleast on Fiverr. Idk how to add the statement that I solve business problems without messing up my Ranking etc, I also don’t feel comfortable to increase my prices from when I started out
  2. Yea, I agree is unfair for some and okay with others. How about your favourite artist?
  3. Well my favourite artist is NF And my favourite beat is Sergio Valentinos - Drive forever Remeber this Drive forever What about yours? I would love to hear and Also I am not promoting these artists.
  4. And I couldn’t agree more with agreeing to you agreeing to the statement I made above
  5. Ah crap, got outsmarted thanks : ) but then this just looks weird. The distance between the eyes and the mouth makes it look pretty creepy unlike this :).
  6. I really do love the fiverr forum but the one thing that annoys me the most is that when I type this :), its ends up showing me this 🙂 and as a person who doesn’t like emojis but prefers emoticons because of me being a die hard reddit user, it just annoys me. Could we please get a feature to select between emoticons and emojis? I know I sound stupid but I hope you understand the point I am trying to prove What do you guys think? Agree or Disagre
  7. As a wise rapper NF once said in his song remember this It is not about making money but it is about doing something you enjoy doing so enjoy the process and not how much you make then you could become rich one day But I get that the post is a joke lol (:.
  8. ill be honest, but the cover image looks unattractive
  9. I have NEVER made a beat before but here it goes, I dont know if I ruined the beat but I swear I did the whole thing in premier pro by just combining random sounds I found on youtube.
  10. Wow! That’s impressive- a business owner at 13 years. If you don’t mind me asking, what kind of business is it? I own a graphic design business, I freelance and planning to get into real estate sooner or later but Im not sure. Right now I have to study as I’m not really good in time management so I have to hault freelancing. Thanks for the compliment, really appreciate it
  11. What Would You Be Doing If Fiverr Did Not exist? I would be either grow my business or be the 14 yr old kid that plays his iPad all day What about you? Would love to hear your opinion
  12. Im 13, Fiverr was my life but now I own a business. The Ranking system has not been decent for me as well as the service of Fiverr to us seller’s.
  13. YouTube, yes just watching videos will help you in this forum not asking in the forum. Look out for false content. Watch channels like Fiverr talks a millionaire from fiverr
  14. Hey, Sorry for the caps in the title. Just created it to get your attention. The fiverr forum is a public forum where people have their own opinion. Recently I had created a topic which was based on a compition system on fiverr, and quite a few disagreed and I was totally okay with it but then my post got reported for hateful speech, etc. This has happened quite a lot of time and it feels like you cant have an opinion on a public forum without it getting reported. Some go as far as reporting something just to get their first report badge on the forum. I understand the instances where reporting a post is needed to be reported but most of the time its not the case (and when I mean you all in the title I meant the people that report each and every post they come across) If you get offended by each and every post and report it for a random because thinking you are doing any good please stop. I am getting tired of this Thank you for your time
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