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  1. Greetings! Please, what are the steps for a buyer to approve a work to be displayed on a seller's live Portfolio?
  2. If you cancel the order, fiverr will automatically make the refund to her, that way, she will not be able to drop a review. Good luck!
  3. Sorry you had to go through all that. I advise you add more skills and improve your services, I’m sure things will get better and you’ll bounce back in no time. So far there is life, there is hope. Shalom!
  4. It could be a gig extra like fast delivery or something else you offer as gig extra and if that’s the case, then, that means you set it yourself as gig extra. Probably the buyer added your gig extra to his or her order.
  5. @simum_shishir1 Thank you so much. Nice meeting you.
  6. Don’t be depressed, just hang in there and keep your hopes alive. Things will work out for your good.
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