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  1. Hello! I know 2020 isn’t funny at all, but let’s cool this room by sharing some of the funniest incidents that happened with you. 😁
  2. Facing same issue 😦 Not quite sure how coming month will be.
  3. Try to apply for custom order request. PS: Don’t spam it. Always read the full description.
  4. This is really bad. Even CS will not be able to help you. You will end up in loosing the order, money and rankings 😦
  5. Thanks a lot brother for welcoming me to the family. I wish success for everyone. I just hope that this bad time will pass away soon.
  6. Thanks man! I hope the same for everyone…This too shall pass.
  7. I would understand it as a part of favorite exchange. 😅 I see on Facebook groups related to Fiverr every minute a person begs for favorite exchange.
  8. No idea how to fix this. I am afraid, If this continues, coming month will be really tough for me 😦
  9. I dont think that Fiverr CS will remove this feedback. They barely remove a feedback 😦
  10. Is it me only whose gig impressions and clicks are dropped? Anyone else also facing this issue?
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