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  1. Hello, I already got a Seller Plus subscription. But It says Faster payments Get a 7-day earnings clearance instead of 14 days. But still my revenue takes 14 days to clear. Anyone know about this problem? Thank you.
  2. Thank you so much for your update.
  3. Yes you can share your portfolio. You can add your gig description portfolio with your offer.
  4. You will, Stay online as you can Send buyer requests Create multiple gigs Share your gig on social media Be patient
  5. Hi, I received promoted gig before 5 month ago and It was suddenly unqualified after 2 months. But after 45 days I was qualified agin and after one day It unqualified again. But after 45 days It was qualified again and I promoted my one gig. But after 3 days "unqualified" and next day It "qualified" again. But after 3 days It was unqualified again. Now 8 days nothing happen. Anyone know recent for this? All statics are 100%. No late orders No bad reviews No reply lates No warnings Already complete top rate requirements too.
  6. You are welcome. Read previous posts in form and you can get better idea.
  7. I only share my experience with you. I don't know what happen after 90 days. But I received promoted gig again.
  8. Yes I think It will back in 45 days or 90 days.
  9. Yes I decide to promote again my gigs. Thank you for your reply.
  10. Hi, I'm a level two seller and I have 400+ reviews. So I received a "Promoted gig" 4 month ago and I started promoting my gigs. But after one month, the promoted gig was unqualified. But after 45 days It's enabled again just for one day and my gig was back on the first page. So I promoted it and It will suddenly unqualified again and I received 2 orders. But after 45 days ( yesterday) It's qualified again. But I wasn't promoted again and my gig was not back to the first page yet after I qualified again. What should I do now? Promote again? Or keep gigs without promoting?
  11. Hi Frank. Yes maybe I was wrong. I only shared My experiences. I’m not an expert but I just want to share my experiences. Thank you.
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