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  1. My gig is about usability testing. I have made complete report and delivered to him. I found out he is the middle man taking order from companies and giving it on Fiverr. Now, he is in contact with the company sharing my report, whatever issue I have found yet, has been updated on website but still buyer says I don’t understand this and that, still making more revisions.
  2. Hello Fiverr, So I got an order of 45$ for usability testing of website or application. Here is the link: Fiverr.com malihakhan568 : I will test your website or apps functionality to improve...For only $10, malihakhan568 will test your website or apps functionality to improve usability. | Are you looking to improve your website usability?I will help in improving your user experience for your targeted audience.I will provide usability... The buyer is not satisfied yet. Keeps on requesting new revision. I’m just being patient. Doing whatever he is telling to do so. Hoping he will accept soon. Wish me luck!
  3. Hello I’m new on Fiverr. Its been 2 months since I have joined fiverr. Uptill now I have only recieved one order on my gig. I promote my gigs daily on social media platforms. Please help and share your tips and trick to get clients. I have not yet recieved any reply from buyers. If any one can help please let me know.
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