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  1. This seems to be the main problem I’m having with Fiverr over other platforms for voiceover work. They don’t care about their sellers, and then legitimate users leave the platform and illegitimate users move in.
  2. I am SO SORRY that happened to you. I hope you’re doing better and okay, and that that scumbag didn’t/wasn’t able to get away with it! But they did get away with it. Not with me in that one time, but with other people. They’ll just go on to try the same scam on someone else. They’ll delete their profile and make a new one. Fiverr does nothing about it and they make reporting a hassle to discourage reporting. If reporting was simple and user friendly, I’m betting the site would collapse from the volume.
  3. I mean, Isn’t that the natural conclusion of unresolved issues? People bring them up again if the issue persists. And I have indeed been scammed on Fiverr. Seems like it’s woven into the very structure of the platform and the simple fix of an accept/reject button could help to alleviate it.
  4. For this specific problem, CS will back you up. I sent screenshots of a cold-call script to CS once (my gig page says clearly no cold-calls or scam greetings) - and they cancelled on my behalf without affecting my completion rate. That’s a lot of extra work that could be alleviated with a “reject” button. It makes me think that fiverr can’t do “nothing,” but they can do close to nothing by not making it easy and user friendly. Uber does something similar to their drivers. Reporting issues is such a huge hassle that drivers don’t report issues so it makes it look like there aren’t any issues.
  5. Sellers should be able to reject orders they aren’t comfortable with. For example, if I’m asked to do a voice over for a video that could be used in some kind of scam, I should be able to reject that order without having to take a ding on my order delivery time. This is likely why Fiverr seems to be a hotbed for fraud and scams. On at least 1 occasion a fiverr buyer asked me to do a section of their audiobook, only to take my audio and submit it to the REAL author on ACX as an audition under a different name. People have been asking Fiverr for this for years. Why hasn’t it been implemented yet?
  6. Honestly, it’s bonkers that Fiverr doesn’t have this feature while this post is over 2 years old. If I’m not comfortable with the order details, I should be able to decline the order. If I’m asked to do voice over for an online video that I suspect will be used in some kind of scam, I should be able to decline the order after reviewing the content they’re commissioning me to create.
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