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  1. Yes, the first two warnings for communication outside the platform. And thiswas for representing wrong information
  2. Of course, it's possible by Allah only. There's nothing like luck. It's all prayers or the mercy of God
  3. I can still use my account. And I can clearly see, the system is showing me "1st Warning". I remember I had 2 warnings in 2020. Did I fiverr Removed past warnings???
  4. In 2020, I got 2 Warnings. Today, about 20 minutes ago, I received my 3rd warning. But guess what? My account didn't restricted. Instead, it said "This is your 1st warning, please read TOS carefully" How is this possible? I think fiverr has reset all the Warnings of accounts??? I remember, I got 2 Warnings in 2020, and now my warning said, it's my 1st warning. Any guesses?????
  5. In the past three day, I no order was cancelled by me. Still, why it's decreasing automatically?
  6. Can someone please tell me why me order completion percentage is getting decreased day be day? I didn't cancelled any order, but why it's decreasing automatically??? PLEASE HELP ME!!!!! Two day earlier it was 87%, yesterday it dropped to 86% and today it's dropped to 85%, what the heck is going on?
  7. It is, most of the sellers including me always check the review of the buyers before working with them. I even rejected 4 total buyers in past 6 months just because they had a 2 and 3 star ratings. Atleast, other sellers will know how he does his business. He first give the general requirements, when seller deliver him the order, he asks for revision "the delivery wasn't what I ordered" and force them to rewrite. If seller refuses to work with him, he cancel the order or leave them a bad Review. But in most of the cases, sellers agrees to do his revisions or csncel the whole order just to prevent low rating In this way he gets full or extra work free of cost. Smart way to do scam, right?
  8. (I'm a writer) Here's the story: Yesterday one buyer contacted for an article of 1500 words and gave me the requirements The buyer asked to write a general review article on products of 1500 words without any special format. When I delivered him the file, he contacted back and told me that I didn't write on what he said. See the chat message:- He gave me his instructions and format after receiving the delivery and want me to rewrite it again from scratch. Now, I'm not a usual typical seller who'll say "sorry sir you didn't mentioned it on your requirements so I can't do that and I'm not writing it from scratch" Instead, I'm doing as he says and making it to about 2800 words (payed for 1500 words) In a result, I'll give this buyer 2 star review to teach him a great lesson on how to do business with sellers. He made me to do 8$ work in 5$. Now I'll give him 2 star and will write how he do his business on review. So that other sellers in future will beware of this buyer and the buyer will learn a lesson. How's that? What di you think? I'm doing it to protect other sellers and tell them the truth about this buyer
  9. Yes do it, if you love to receive warning from Fiverr
  10. Is there anybody who watch money heist?
  11. Very good way to get a 1-star review on your gog from that scammer
  12. You don't think, if she refuse to csncel the order and accept the delivery, the buyer can leave her a very bad Review and eventually destroy her gig? Whay do you think? I prefer to cancel for a few bucks instead of having a risk of getting 1-star review from a scammer.
  13. Can you please share what kind of spam messages you were sending to buyers? So I can increase my knowledge of what consider as spam. Thanks in advance! 👍
  14. First of all, before spreading wrong information, please see the TOS of Fiverr clearly. Secondly, a logic says what kind of FREELANCING it is if you cannot access it from anywhere around the world? 😂😂 Freelancing means free from any restrictions, it also includes geo restrictions. How can you even think that using from more than 1 device leads to ban? It means if I've logged in on my phone, than I can't login from my PC? 😂😂😂 I'm logged in on my fiverr from 5 different devices from more than 1 year. There's no TOS violation against multiple devices.
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