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  1. In life, everyone has been through something harsh but coming here to tell the whole world about your problems doesn’t change anything. At most, you’ll earn people’s sympathy but nothing would change! It would have been a different case scenario if this thread was to ask for advice or tips, then experienced sellers would have given you valuable advice and some people would refer you to powerful and important threads that offer what you need. What you need is to hone your skills and to learn from experienced Fiverr sellers and not a pity party! Though I’ve heard of people earning a lot on Fiverr, I don’t think it’s wise to make Fiverr your number one source of income. I don’t mean to be harsh but just sitting behind my computer at the other end of the world dishing out pity to a total stranger is wickedness because it doesn’t help you, it just makes me feel like a good person and wastes your time. I’ve given you the best I can bro which is my sincere advice - seek knowledge not pity! Anyway, good luck in your endeavor.
  2. I had to indicate that I’m out of office because I had to take exams. I hope it wont affect my gigs adversely
  3. King suggestions I wont call them, it’s my first week on Fiverr but the phrase “I will assist you …” does sound suggestive, but you can just add a note or warning that you won’t take assignments in your gig description and stick to it, like I rejected my very first order because it seemed too much like an assignment. Fiverr is a wonderful platform and we can’t trade what we’ve got for a couple of bucks.
  4. Hi, I am also a new seller and yes, the title and description of your gig does sound like you intend to do assignments or project work for students, you might want to edit your gig or delete it and create a new one since you’re still new. I also made a few errors on my first gig so I had to delete and create a new one.
  5. thank you very much everyone, I really appreciate and I’ll try to make some adjustments
  6. However, I am also unable to view buyers request. Each time I go to that section, it is always empty, is there something I am doing wrong?
  7. There are also a bunch of useful links in the (RRD) section. Thank you so so much, I really appreciate.
  8. Nice tips, thanks a lot. However, each time I click on more < buyers request, I don’t find any requests and I find it odd that it’s the same everyday. I am a new seller so I wonder if you have to have been on Fiverr for a particular period before you can see any buyers request.
  9. I am a new seller on Fiverr and I haven’t gotten any order yet, sadly, I’m also not on any social media platform, does anyone know how I can promote my gigs despite that? I would really appreciate your advice and suggestions
  10. Yeah, I’m in a similar position. Do not fret, as long as you’re sure you’re doing everything right, there will be results. Always remember that positivity is everything, Cheers 🥂
  11. Hi everyone, I’m Fulfilment, I am a writer. I’m new on Fiverr and this is my first time on any platform like this 🤭 I would like everyone’s love and guidance. 😇
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