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  1. Fiverr never check a seller inbox. but if a buyer complain against a seller then fiverr check the seller inbox for query. but fiverr can directly check the order page
  2. Of course you can. But it has to be given in the inbox. It cannot be given on the order page.
  3. Most buyers do not like to be called “brother” especially those from the UK and the US. It would be best if you simply called buyer by their name. That is your personal matter, brother. You don’t call them brothers or call them by their names or call them sir. That’s the decent thing to do, and it should end there.
  4. You just tell him what is your budget. If the buyer propose you a little but you don’t want to do the job at a low budget then convence him. Then you will tell him that, “Look brother, your work is not so easy. I have to work hard to reach the goal to make you happy. But you are offering me a low budget. If your budget will be little bit higher then i will feel very comfort to work in your project.” You can also convence your buyer at your own way. Thanks, CoderMaster
  5. I have never had a PayPal payment from Fiver. I’m always withdraw at Pioneer from Fiver. And every time I withdrew from Fiver to Pioneer, it didn’t take more than 5 minutes. But it takes 3-5 business days for go the money from Pioneer to the local bank account.
  6. PayPal is definitely good. But a little complicated. Sometimes PayPal gets in trouble for taking payments. But that is very rare in Payoneer. You can use PayPal.It is not true that everyone will be in trouble.
  7. Hi, You better use the payoneer to withdraw from fiverr. Because the paypal is very complicated. I always use the payoneer to withdraw funds from fiverr.So far I have not had any problems. And I got the payment very soon. It didn’t take more than 10 minutes to get from Fiverr to payoneer. For your current withdrawal issue you better contact to the fiverr support center. They will give you the right solution as soon as possible. Thanks, Tanvir Ahmed
  8. Usually if anyone gives you a message and you don’t reply within 24 hours then the response rate decreases. You check your email. Maybe someone gave you a message but it was forgotten and deleted. Even if it is deleted, it will remain in the email. And if you don’t get it by email, you can contact the Fiverr Support Center.They will give you a solution.
  9. Brother, Freelancing is not so easy. You have to work hard. I also got a lot of impressions at first, got a lot of clicks but didn’t get an order. But slowly the buyer started knocking. I talk to them, some give work, some don’t. But if you stick to it and if you know really good work, you will get a job in the front row. Keep trust on yourself. You can do.
  10. You are most welcome to Fiverr. Happy Freelancing
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